Honoring Past Farming Practices

I would rather be remembered for the things I did off the field than anything I ever accomplished on the field."

     -Don Wakamatsu First Japanese-American Major League Coach


The WakWay Farm is a third-generation, fruit-producing farm.


"Our goal is to bring the family farm into the next generation and beyond, using best practices," says Don Wakamatsu. "It's a tribute to family heritage.


Surprisingly, that means going back to the old farming methods: planting diversified crops that depend on and complement each other for nutrients and successful harvests.

It also means finding a way to decrease waste and lost crops, allowing us higher yields using less natural resources.


It means eliminating old-growth and planting new crops that have a higher value on the market and survive market variances.


Finally, it means utilizing new technology that helps create healthy soil and plants.


All while teaching the next generation how we did it.

We can't do it alone.  Our story will include sister farms, joint product creation, podcasts from very smart people, university partnerships, and more.


Getting Started is More Than Changing Sprinklers


Stream Restoration

Our first project is to work to restore the stream that runs through the farm.  This project will take up about two years to complete.  We are working closely with conservationists; the effort will strengthen local fish populations, improve water quality, promote sustainable agriculture and natural resource use, and maintain a high quality of life in the Hood River Valley.


Infrastructure Improvement

And so it begins, the replacing of waterlines and making sure the infrastructure of the farm is updated. Thanks to our partners at Kubota, it has definitely made our efforts more manageable.
As we move forward with new technology, the updates will become key to connecting all parts of the farm with integrated sensors and other automated elements.