Upcycling and Eliminating Waste

We are a foundation that rescues imperfect and over-production surplus of fruits and vegetables and puts them to work.

More than 20 billion pounds of produce go to waste each year because of imperfection or over production.
In 2019, we were able to put more than
2,000 lbs. of food and more than one million servings of fruit
and vegetables back into food-desert communities. 

It's simple...
The more YOU buy, the more WE give.

Available April - June
Conventional - Organic - Powder

We rescue over production surplus and imperfect fruits and vegetables, saving 10% to 40% compared to traditional distributors.

We invest more than 30% of the "sustainable" line profits back into farming scholarships and better farming technology development. 

We are the first to certify our produce is rescued with origin traceability and audited for imperfect, or overproduction produce.

We invest in our communities  through school farms and providing healthy fruits and vegetables to inner-city communities.


Tensie Whelan, NYU Professor

Consumers are voting with their dollars against unsustainable brands. The legacy packaged goods companies that will thrive are those that are willing to pivot. 

Daniel Kurzock, Co-Founder
and CEO at ReGrained

Wasted food isn't just wasted nutrients and resources, it also represents money being left on - or rather off - the table. Tackling food waste as part of a focus on sustainability makes both dollars and sense. 

Tensie Whelan

Products marketed as sustainable grew 5.6 times faster than those that were not. In more than 90% of the consumer packaged goods categories, sustainably marketed products grew faster than their conventional counterparts

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