Is The WakWay Farm’s overall attitude about land management, technology, caring for resources, better-growing practices, rescuing what was once considered waste to
create innovative new products, and educating
the next generation.

The WakWay Farm is a third-generation farm.
It is now our responsibility to bring it into the
next generation and beyond, using best practices. Surprisingly, that means going back to the old ways of farming: planting diversified crops that depend on and compliment each other for nutrients and successful harvests.

It also means finding a way to decrease waste and lost crops, allowing us to invest in communities, give access to fresh fruits and vegetables, and teach nutrition to children in the inner-city.

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WakWay Farm

Signature Jams

A little help from our celebrity friends.

The Foundation launched our first line of products, a literal "Signature Jam" line.  Each jar of jam is hand signed by its maker.  
Don was able to gather some of his MLB players and friends and let them create their favorite flavor of jam, with all the proceeds going to supporting Seniors in the Meals on Wheels. 

Each line of jam is a limited edition and only sold in the WakWay Farm store line.


WakWay Farm

Community Kitchen

Creating Youth Jobs.

 Our latest Foundation project is designed to create job skills and scholarships for youth in the Nogales market.

We will have a professional kitchen that will teach youth how to prep, preserve, and market multiple food products. The product line will be marketed to specialty grocers and have a giving strategy of “buy one and give one to a food pantry here in ther own community.”

Our messaging is youth serving youth.


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